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If you live in or around Hartville Ohio, you know the humidity and varying temperatures throughout the year can take a toll on the protective barriers of vinyl siding, wood, and brick over time. Severe weather can cause mold, mildew, algae, pollen, and dirt to grow on your home's exterior including the siding, brick, and roof. Ignoring this for too long can result in unsightly damage and expensive long term consequences. Further more, the mere presence of these unwanted materials can reduce your property value. With our team of house washing experts at FLOH Power Washing, we have the proper equipment and chemicals to ensure your property is cleaned thoroughly and sanitized.

Before House Washing

Before House Washing Hartville Ohio

After House Washing

After House Washing Hartville Ohio

We're Your Professional Hartville House Washing Company!

FLOH Power Washing highly recommends homeowners schedule regular house washing services to keep your home's exterior surfaces clean and protected from damaging contaminants. Exterior surfaces include siding, asphalt and metal roofs, driveways, patios, decks, brick, and the gutters. With regular house washing, your home's exterior surfaces will last longer and look better. Using our professional house washing company, we promise to clean your home's exterior surfaces, can bring them back to a new appearance, and remove the harsh contimiants including mold, mildew, algae, pollen, and dirt.

Before Vinyl Siding House Washing Hartville Ohio

Before Vinyl Siding House Washing

After Vinyl Siding House Washing Hartville Ohio

After Vinyl Siding House Washing

Restore the Beauty of Your Hartville Home with the House Washing Team!

FLOH Power Washing uses a low-pressure soft wash method to get your home cleaned right. We do this by applying an eco-friendly cleaning solution that eradicates organic growth and dissolves stains, leaving behind a bright, clean sanitized surface. This cleaning process will also treat those areas not yet effected by organic growth to prevent it in the future.

Our softwash house cleaning service removes approximately 99% of algae, mold, mildew, dirt and grime on all of your exterior home surfaces.

Get Your Hartville Home's Exterior Cleaned

If your home exterior is beginning to show signs of wear and fading, don't try to take on this project by yourself. Call in the experts with FLOH Power Washing, and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that we'll clean and revitalize your home fast.

The professional at FLOH Power Washing, use commercial grade power washing equipment, and the proper cleaning solvents to get your home cleaned right. With our team of experienced and trained personnel, we will clean your house and bring it back to a new appearance. Hiring a professional pressure washing company is not as expensive as most people think. Get a free quote by contacting us today.

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